2016 Poster Winners

Undergraduate Poster Awardees
Life Sciences Arthur Wallis Wildland Resources
Physical Sciences Boston Peine Mathematics
Art and Humanities Alison Fabricius-Gardener History
Social Science and Education Justin Campbell Psychology
Engineering Tyler Marlar Biological Engineering
Graduate Poster Awardees
Life Sciences Antra Boca Wildland Resources
Physical Sciences Camden DeBruler Chemistry and Biochemistry
 Arts and Humanities Jennifer Wiseman Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning
Social Science and Education Osanna Rodgers Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology
Engineering Tyler King Civil and Environmental Engineering

2016 Oral Presentation Winners

Undergraduate Oral Presentation Awardees
Life Sciences Alissa Aguilar Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
Physical Sciences Zach Cooper Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science
Art and Humanities Rachel Telfer English
Social Science and Education Aubree Thomas Sociology, Social Work, and Anthroplogy
Engineering Brian McNeil Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Graduate Oral Presentation Awardees
Life Sciences Jordan Frank Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Science
Physical Sciences Ivan Popov Chemistry and Biochemistry
Art and Humanities Chloe Hanson English
 Social Science and Education William DeHart Psychology
Engineering Alan Edlund Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering