Sherena Huntsman

Humanities & Social Sciences

Sherena Huntsman is a PhD student studying technical communication and rhetoric at Utah State University in the Department of English. She received her Bachelor of Science in English from Utah State University in 2010 (magna cum laude) and her Master of Arts in English from the University of Utah in 2012. She has taught composition courses for Utah State University since 2012 and has taught and assisted in the teaching of graduate courses in composition pedagogy. In her current position as an Assistant Director of Composition, she has worked diligently to create digital access to course material for all English 1010 students at Utah State. Her course work focuses on the rhetoric surrounding disability within academic environments. Her many conference presentations focus on inclusionary pedagogical practices and methods of creating individual connections within the composition classroom. Investigating marginalization in digital spaces afford her the opportunity to include research in digital humanities, rhetoric, and statistical methodologies in composition research. Her interests sit at the intersection of technical communication, digital design, pedagogy, and disability studies. This research informs her pedagogical strategies as she seeks to bring accessibility to diversely abled student populations.
Sherena Huntsman accepts her award from Mark McLellan.