Rose Judd-Murray

Applied Sciences, Technology and Education

Rose started out at Utah State University as an undergrad pursuing a degree in Animal Science. She continued her education here with a Master’s of Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Higher Education.

In between completing her Master’s and beginning her Ph.D., Rose worked as a Program Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, and Curriculum Developer for Utah Agriculture in the Classroom. In these positions, she worked closely with Utah State University Extension and the United States Department of Agriculture National Resource Directory. She was also an Education Specialist for the National Gardening Association for two years, which also involved a lot of curriculum development and social media coordination.

Now that she’s back at USU working on her Ph.D., Rose teaches multiple sections of ASTE 3440: Science, Technology, and Modern Society. Her classes are never dull, and she encourage students to think critically as they participate in hands-on learning in the classroom.

In her spare time, Rose likes to read, write, and sing.