Laura Gelles

Engineering Education

Laura Gelles is a Ph.D. student at USU in the Department of Engineering Education. She is currently leading a team of undergraduate researchers to create a filter system to treat retention pond water from runoff from salt-depositing vehicles for UDOT and researching ethical mentoring strategies for female graduate students and faculty in science and engineering. She is also a TA for an Introduction to Engineering class which was designed to help undergraduate students decide what engineering major at USU is best for them and reinforce ethics and professional responsibility. Born in Reno, Nevada, she received her bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Nevada Reno and her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Dakota where she modeled the geochemical interactions of electron donors for denitrification in volcanic material near Lake Taupo, New Zealand. She decided to pursue a degree in Engineering Education because she wanted to help underrepresented groups in engineering be successful. Despite all her accomplishments, she is most proud of being a bone marrow donor for her older sister. Laura’s hobbies include creative writing, hiking, and running long distance.