Ian McGahan

Mathematics and Statistics

Ian McGahan is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at Utah State University, studying Mathematical Biology with a focus in modeling population dynamics. After receiving a B.A. in Mathematics from Willamette University, he earned his M.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics at the University of Minnesota, Duluth before joining the Department of Mathematics at USU in 2015. Ian’s background in mathematics is varied, with undergraduate research in Topology and a master’s thesis in Graph Theory, but he wanted his work to have direct impact for people, which sparked his passion in the mathematics of diseases and populations. Another aspect of human impact he finds extremely important is education. While a graduate student, Ian has also been a TA at both UMD and USU for a variety of courses. At USU Ian has had the privilege of being both a TA and an instructor for Calculus 2. He hopes to teach and continue his work in population dynamics after earning his PhD. When not in his office or the classroom, Ian enjoys playing board games and getting outside. He is a casual rock climber and cyclist and enjoys hiking and backpacking.