Hyrum Tennant

College of Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Hyrum Tennant is junior majoring in Environmental Engineering at Utah State University (USU). He is an Undergraduate Research Fellow and a member of USU’s Honors program. He decided to pursue a career in Environmental Engineering after discovering an interest in watershed management while working as a field technician at the Utah Water Research Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Bethany Neilson. As an active participant in the iUTAH project, an interdisciplinary project studying the changing state of water resources in Utah, Hyrum’s undergraduate research has focused on developing methods for quantifying groundwater/surface water interactions in mountainous watersheds with others in Dr. Neilson’s research group. Hyrum’s course work at USU fostered an additional interest in wastewater engineering leading to his current participation in the Water Environment Association of Utah USU chapter design team. After finishing his undergraduate degree, Hyrum plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.