Forrest Schoessow

Environment and Society

Forrest S. Schoessow is a Master’s student studying Geography in the Department of Environment and Society, with a focus on the human dimensions of natural hazards. He is currently examining the spatial-temporal variation of extreme heat risk across the United States. After graduating from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s in History, Schoessow helped implement a GIS-based water pollution mitigation plan at Wright-Patt Air Force Base; collected spatial data for the 2010 U.S. Census; served in Americorps as a wilderness educator through the Montana Conservation Corps; taught English, science, and math in Seoul, Korea; worked as a robotics engineering consultant in Ohio; and led a scientific survey expedition by canoe down the Mississippi River, collecting data and speaking to students at schools along the way. At Utah State University, Schoessow is a research assistant in Professor Peter Howe’s HumanEnvironment Spatial Analysis Laboratory, has instructed the QCNR’s GIS lab, led numerous sustainability grant projects, and actively participates in mentoring undergraduates, particularly as the graduate advisor of the Student Organization for Society and Natural Resources.