E. Helen (Eddy) Berry

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduate Mentor of the Year

E. Helen Berry came to USU in 1984 from a NICHD post-doc at the U of Michigan’s Population Research Center after receiving the Ph.D. in Sociology at Ohio State. She has been a Visiting Fellow in Development Sociology at Cornell and held courtesy appointments in USU’s Department of Environment and Society, at Korea University, and at Pakistan’s Baquai University.

Eddy’s research focuses on population change at the community level as influenced by structural forces. Examples include the aging of rural places; the migration of couples, adolescents and young adults to and from rural places; the mobility of Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites; or the return and onward migrations of various racial groups. With Nina Glasgow, she edited Rural Aging in 21st Century America (Springer, 2013).

Berry teaches demography, statistics, and urban sociology. She has received the Rural Sociological Society’s Award for Excellence in Instruction; Mortar Board Top Professor awards and is a USU Robin’s Faculty Advisor of the Year. She advocates for equality, gender, environment and ethics issues, has chaired USU’s IRB, and received the USU Women and Gender Research Institute Distinguished Professorship. From 2014 through 2016, Berry served in the Rural Sociological Society Presidency.

Eddy Berry