Colin Anderson

Caine College of the Arts

Theatre Arts

Colin Anderson is a senior double-majoring in Theatre Education and History Education with a minor in Spanish. He is originally from Denver, Colorado, but he grew up in Ogden, Utah. This is his fifth year at Utah State, and he is currently student teaching at Logan High School for his last semester of undergrad. He is excited to be working with students out in the school system. His experiences so far have proven to him that becoming a teacher was the right career choice for him. When not in the classroom, he is often working with the theatre. He has a passion for costume design, and he also really enjoys directing shows. Some of his hobbies outside the theatre involve writing science-fiction/fantasy novels, playing complicated, strategic board games, and adventuring outside in the natural world. Not just a history and theatre nerd, he is also am somewhat of a science geek at heart. Some of the experiences that have had the greatest influence on his life have been his travels across the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. He believes that the world and its people are endlessly fascinating. There is always something more to explore.